Namaste: I see the Light in YOU!

Welcome to Shine the DivineTM. Here you will find a variety of services all directed toward helping you increase joy and contentment in your life as you learn to more fully reveal your unique inner light and connect with the Divine essence that dwells within you.

It is my whole-hearted belief that:


-paying attention to the habits that inhibit our light from shining

clear vision

-seeing where in our lives we are on the right path and celebrating this

sacred listening

-trusting our own intuition

…allow us to live in wholeness: body, mind, heart and soul.

By stepping back and taking on the role of witness to our own unfolding,  we begin to understand exactly what is preventing us from reaching our full potential. Once we can see the big picture we are able to begin the process of   freeing ourselves from life-long patterns that no longer serve us.

Services offered here include: Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, SoulCollage® Facilitation, Yoga & Jewish Spirituality sessions, and Creativity Quests (Muse Groups). Let me be your guide as you remember what you knew as a young child…through curiosity focused attention and playful discovery you will be able to more fully Shine the DivineTM.

gentle steps,


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