What is a centering meditation?

Opening a session with a simple centering meditation often helps the mind to relax. You will be asked to close your eyes or maintain a soft unfocused gaze. I will gently encourage you to mindfully bring your attention to your body, to connect with your breath and bring your awareness to the present moment. We will sit in companionable silence for several more breaths putting aside the concerns of your day for awhile so that you may fully engage in the SoulCollage® reading process.

What are the Transpersonal Cards?

Source- the “no-thing-ness” from which all is birthed.

SoulEssence- this is the spark of Divinity that resides in everyone and everything.

Witness-sees all without judgment and recognizes our unique SoulEssence within the Divine Oneness.

What are the SoulCollage ®Suits?

Companion-this is the energetic realm of the chakras. Each chakra has an animal companion or totem that you will discover.

Committee-this is the psychological element of the process. Your many "inner voices" speak from this place.

Community-these cards represent the people and pets in your life who support you-whether as living beings, or memories of loved ones. They may include people you have never met but have influenced your life and guided you at times, none-the-less.

Council-this is the archetypal realm. Unseen beings of collective consciousness who guide you with or without your awareness.


I am the one who...

sees deeper than the surface

discovers color in the darkness

brings light to the unexplored

sparks your imagination

opens you to wonder

I give you a map of reality...dive into this precious moment.

I want you to expand your perception by just seeing what is happening now.

Resources for Getting Started

Go to: www.hanfordmead.com There you will find Seena Frost’s book, SoulCollage® as well as her newly released book SoulCollage® Evolving. Plus pre-cut mat board...(already 5 x 8), and many instructional CD's about the SoulCollage® process.

Also stop by my good friend Anne Marie Bennett’s fabulous site KaleidoSoul; a comprehensive source for everything SoulCollage® related!

Any magazine will do. I really love National Geographic as well as various photography and art magazines. Don't rule out black and white photography...it's quite powerful!

*Some people prefer rubber cement as an adhesive, I find that most glue sticks (the kind kids use) are just fine.

*Having a small paper cutter on hand to size background images is helpful, as well as having a small self-healing mat and Exacto-blade (but be careful!)

*You will also need a sharp pair of scissors. Sometimes it helps to have two pairs. One large (average size) and one tiny pair (like for embroidery) to reach around into tiny spaces.

**Nice to have, but not necessary is a "brayer"...used for smoothing out wrinkles in the paper and creating a stronger seal (it will press out air bubbles)

*available at art & craft stores and office supply stores.

**available at art & craft stores only.