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Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coaching sessions are conveniently given over the phone and through e-mail follow ups, allowing access to this service from your own home, studio or office. A session will often begin with a guided meditation or inspirational reading to open your heart and ground you in the present; ending with a soothing guided visualization to ensure integration of any new awareness you have received during our call. Each session will be as unique as you are.

Your first 30 minute introductory session is absolutely free: an opportunity to see if this creativity coaching model and my coaching style are right for you. If you decide to continue, a minimum commitment of 4 sessions is expected.

*Payment is due one week prior to the start of each series of sessions using paypal.

  Choose a Coaching Package that Meets Your Needs.


You will receive a 1 hour coaching call per week for four consecutive weeks with a follow-up e-mail after each session outlining your small steps plan for the week, plus e-mail support Monday-Thursday as needed. Investment: $140-$200

                                                   • Fear
                                                   • Perfectionism
                                                   • Procrastination
                                                   • Resistance
                                                   • Overwhelm
                                                   • Self-sabottage

These are a few of the dynamic, soul-nourishing tools 
we might explore during a coaching session:
Asking small Questions & taking Kaizen (small) Steps 
Anchors (affirmations) & Comebacks (so what, I’ll do it anyway!) 
Mindfulness Meditation  *  Mind-Sculpting  *  Guided Imagery
SoulCollage®  *  Inner Child Dialogue  *  Gratitude Log
Credit Reports (a positive look at your daily accomplishments)
Inspirational Texts (sacred & secular from many traditions)
Intuitive painting/drawing *  Automatic Writing
Journaling (written/visual)  *  Doodling

Every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. As children we could see the splendor of being alive, we were aware of things we now dismiss, believing in our dreams and accessing our imaginations was not something we made time for, it was simply a way of being. The world was radiant with promise, and so were we. As adults, the light is not always easy to find, sometimes it’s hidden by:

That’s a really BIG question. Sit with it for a while...

Here are some possibilities that may or may not resonate for you. Just ideas. Perhaps you have a desire to dedicate more time to being a storyteller, a painter, photographer or musician...a chef, writer, cartoonist or stand-up comic...maybe your creative soul would prefer to shine more at home; in the way you create relaxing, meaningful bedtime rituals for your children, or for yourself? My intention is not to teach you how to be better at your chosen art form, but instead to guide you through the process of getting started when you feel stuck, and shifting to enduring habits that will support you and hold you steady as you stay on YOUR creative path.

Creative gifts are expressed through many forms, but like a child afraid of the dark, creativity needs to be encouraged with compassion, attentiveness, recognition, and dedicated playtime to come out of hiding. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your “day job”  and become a “starving artist” in order to live a creative life, but awareness, clear vision and sacred listening are essential qualities to cultivate.


As a Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coach (KMCC), I offer simple, imaginative tools that will awaken and nurture your creative spirit while cultivating your ability to see the “big picture” and listen to your own inner guidance. Jill Badonsky, M.Ed., (my muse-mentor) - an entrepreneur, artist, creativity coach and author- developed these empowering tools based upon over 20 years of brain research by UCLA Psychologist and renowned international workshop leader Robert Maurer, Ph.D. Fear is the brain’s natural reaction to change. Any kind of change, including actively pursuing your creative dream! Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “continuous improvement”. The Kaizen-Muse® approach teaches clients to steadily apply small steps that will gradually bring about change and bypass the fear response. Though the steps are tiny, they generate big shifts in your ability to manifest your creative vision. Through the KMCC process you will discover how to look at old thought patterns from a new perspective and learn how to release habits that do not serve you.

As your coach I will support you through the process of attending to your heart, engaging your mind and observing your spirit as moment by moment your intuitive wisdom strengthens and informs your choices with renewed clarity. The non-linear Kaizen-Muse® approach takes into account the unique gifts you bring into the world as well as your evolving needs from session to session, season to season.

Unlike other coaching models, in Kaizen-Muse® creativity coaching, there is no predetermined action plan that you must follow. As an experiential educator, yoga, meditation & spirituality teacher, SoulCollage® facilitator and Interfaith Spiritual Director, I have years of practice in the art of sacred listening and playful improvisation; we will decide together what tools will work best for you.


You will receive a 1 hour coaching call every other week over the course of eight weeks, with a follow-up email outlining your small steps plan until our next call, plus e-mail support Monday-Thursday as needed. Investment: $140-$200

Single Sparks

A single 1 hour coaching call with a follow-up email and some suggestions for staying connected to your creative center until you need to connect with me againl. *This for clients who have worked with me in the past. Investment: $50 

About sliding fees: I feel that in order to be available to more individuals, it is important for you to decide what is affordable at this time in your life within this $ continuum.)

SoulCollage® images are created from magazine photographs. They are for personal use only, and are never to be bartered or sold. I gratefully acknowledge the skill and artistic talents of all the photographers and artists who have unknowingly inspired me to create the SoulCollage® Cards you see displayed throughout this website.